2021 — 2024


founder, head of product design

Bump.sh serves as the single source of truth in API ecosystems, synchronizing both people and tools. As developers navigate increasingly complex API ecosystems, collaboration becomes more challenging. Bump.sh's mission is to facilitate developer collaboration, creating superior API ecosystems through a comprehensive suite of API tools.

AI exploration

The emergence of AI prompted me to led an exploration to find the right use case within our customer audience. In our case, it was to help technical writers automatically generate accurate and complete API descriptions.

An additional challenge in integrating AI for automatic API documentation was ensuring data privacy, especially for internal APIs. This required a careful selection of Large Language Models (LLMs) that could handle sensitive information securely. For the proof of concept (POC), we explored using leading Large Language Model (LLM) services like Cohere, Claude, and Llama. The schema for the POC involved:

  1. Input Gathering: Collecting raw API data and user inputs regarding the desired documentation scope.
  2. Processing through LLM: Feeding this data into the LLM service to interpret and structure the API information contextually.
  3. Output Generation: The LLM generates draft documentation, which is then reviewed and refined by technical writers.

This feature aims to create a balance between automated efficiency and human expertise, ensuring that the generated documentation is not only accurate but also user-friendly and tailored to the needs of API consumers.

API documentation

To provide API teams with a unified and flexible communication and collaboration platform, I collaborated with the engineering team and product manager on the API documentation feature. This resulted in an automatically updated documentation with an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing UI.

The challenges were both technical, in order to fully support all types of API specifications, whatever their size, and conceptual, given that APIs can provide complex information that will be used by API consumers.

API changelog

I led the design of the product interfaces and strategic leadership in product decisions for a team of 9. I participated in coding in close collaboration with engineering team.

The goal was while overhauled the visual aspect of a diff, to give a clearer overview of EVERY change. The hierarchy of information is clearer and more intuitive, as is the order of change statuses, which is now better ordered.

Change between versions

In a team of three, I led the design and participated in coding to release the new change between versions features. The team was composed of a back-end, front-end engineer.


Collaborating with a product manager, I directed the user research and design aspects of the new onboarding project. we recreated through a friction log the user journey, prior to optimize and enhance user flow to expose product value in the fastest and best way to newly signed-up users.


I orchestrated the in-house rebranding and coded various marketing materials, including web pages, advertisements, kakemonos, and promotional merchandise.